Faculty, University Supervisor and Mentor TK20 Support

  • A TK20 7-year, one time subscription purchase is required for all degree-seeking students.  Purchase here: https://payment.tk20.com/ctpayment/options_menu.do
  • Each course in the MAT and MED program has at least one required TK20 assignment.  
  • From your TK20 account, you will see links to required submissions that include TK20 forms, surveys and assignments. 
  • Use your TK20 login and password here: https://umuc.tk20.com 

If the following videos, do not answer your Tk20 questions, please contact:  Dr. Khalsa, Associate Vice Dean

If you need further directions and a video is not available, please email Dr. Khalsa.  She will create video directions for you and add the video to this support area.